The Best of Both Worlds Awaits

The Best of Both Worlds Awaits

Welcome to Tomorrow…

Whoever would have thought that the COVID pandemic would improve working conditions and employer/employee relationships?

No one saw it coming. But it’s true.

From the day WHO declared the COVID outbreak a public health emergency of international concern on 30 January 2020, the world has been changed forever.

In more ways than one.

Yes, there have been a lot of Netflix binges, Scrabble playing, staring at the four walls, coupled with uncertainty, fear, isolation, loneliness and increases in depression, anxiety and insomnia. The “COVIDness of it all’.

But we have been living in this new “era” for over a year now. It’s hard to believe. And amongst all that we have had to face, we have learnt how to adapt. How to change. And most importantly, how to evolve. Out of all of this COVIDness negativity, certain unexpected silver linings have arisen.

Let’s be honest – there is no denying that COVID has changed how we work and how employers view not only remote working but also flexibility within working environments.

A revelation for most professionals. No one thought it would be possible to work out of the office until we all had to. It’s been sort of like a work revolution.

And one that has been both unexpected and hugely encouraging.

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