n order to keep your company abreast of latest developments in your area of expertise, The Legal Belletrist will undertake thorough research in order to provide you with findings that will enable sound decision making and commercial mindedness which will naturally lead to interesting and engaging conversations.



ith a wealth of writing experience, we will be able to deliver original, well researched and skillfully architected writings that speak to your core business, putting forward your topic of choice (whether you require an article, blog, eBook, website wording, or any other form of written content) in a fresh and unique perspective.

By doing so, we believe we will enable organic growth and commercialism through articulating your ideas coherently, thereby ensuring a recognisable online presence.

We now also offer ghostwriting and copywriting services.

I am an admitted attorney with (way) over 10 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE). I have worked in law firms, had my own legal consulting company and have further been an in-house legal counsel and head of legal for a number of both global and local institutions.

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