Are my Live Streams Copyrighted?

Are my Live Streams Copyrighted?

I want to be Insta-Famous dahling!

If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with makeup tutorials. I absolutely love watching someone transform their face. It’s an exhilarating watch. The actual “doing” part of the tutorial is however not always as easy as they make it look #justsaying

Looking at myself in the mirror the other day, I thought – “I could do that!” I could do a full makeup tutorial and show everyone how I get that perfect red lip that I (in) famously wear. All. The. Time.

So I set up my phone and start recording. Initially only as a test run. But just before I could get going….. a notification popped up on my screen – Bailey Sarian has started a live video.

Live video?! What the?

Not only did I have to brave the world of filming myself very carefully putting on my red lips without my hands shaking or voice cracking (or doing that high pitch voice thing – no idea why). I now had to brave the world of live-streaming. Nuh uh. Not ready for that. Yet. I felt ill-prepared.

So whilst watching Bailey’s video on The Mysterious Black Dahlia Unsolved Case – Who Could Have Done It?! Mystery & Makeup (well obviously I had stop everything to watch), I began to wonder….

I mean, Bailey’s videos are unique and her makeup tutorials are interesting and very different. Plus her makeup is on point.

If I want to get anywhere in the makeup tutorial live-streaming world, I seemingly needed to be like her – but obviously different and unique. And in my own way.

And that got me “wondering” some more – How do I protect the character I devise and the content I create? How do I protect myself from others stealing my look? Stealing my ideas? And sharing my video’s wherever they deem fit (wait, isn’t that the point?)…?

My (sort of) “aha” moment came when I (regretfully) realised that the only logical way to answer my “wonderings” (and therefore the perfect place to start), is to look to our Legislation for answers.

Yes, these are the “legal bits”. I hear a collective “Sigh” – “Why can’t there just be a simple answer?” I hear you. But please bear with me. This stuff is important.

So, let’s start off with some basics like – What is a Copyright, What makes up Intellectual-Property, How is “broadcasting” defined in South Africa? And How does this all relate to Live-Streaming?

To read the full article please go to Legalese’s Blog page

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